Elected the President and member of Senate of the State audit institution

Podgorica, 30th July 2013 – On the fourth day of the Tenth Sitting of the First Ordinary Session in 2013, on 30th July 2013, Parliament of Montenegro has elected and appointed PhD Milan Dabović, incumbent member of the Senate, as the President of the SAI and Mr. Nikola Kovačević as a member of the Senate of the SAI.

Members of the Parliament of Montenegro have elected the President of the Senate and member of the Senate of the SAI pursuant to the Proposal of the Administrative Parliamentary Committee of Montenegro.

Under the Law on State audit institution, the Parliament of Montenegro appoints the President of Senate from among the Members of the Senate for a period of nine years. The President of the Senate chairs the Senate and represents and acts for the Institution.

Members of the Senate are appointed by the Parliament pursuant to the proposal of the Parliament's competent committee.