Meeting held between the Members of Senate and representatives of the Supreme State Prosecutor's Office


With aim to implement the Conclusions of the Parliament of Montenegro, with regard to the Aluminium Plant Podgorica, on 4th July 2013 at the premises of the SAI Montenegro, the meeting has been held between the members of the Senate, PhD Branislav Radulović and PhD Milan Dabović, and the representatives of the Supreme State Prosecutor's Office, Mr Veselin Vučković, deputy Supreme State Prosecutor and Mrs Miljana Radović, deputy Supreme State Prosecutor. 

On this occasion, they have exchanged information relevant to the work of both state bodies with aim to perform their constitutionally prescribed supremacies. In accordance to the previous letter of the Supreme State Prosecutor's Office, the State Audit Institution of Montenegro has submitted the requested documentation to the state prosecutors related to the performed audit of state guarantees.

At the same time, the representatives of the Government of Montenegro at the Board of directors of the Aluminium Plant Montenegro, Mr Nebojša Dožić and Mr Dragan Mijović, Executive Director, have submitted to the SAI Montenegro most of the requested documentation related to the Aluminium Plant's operation, necessary to complete an audit of the company's debts.

In order to obtain necessary documentation and provide all requirements for performing the audit, state auditors of the SAI Montenegro will additionally check the documentation of the audit entity at the Aluminium Plant's premises tomorrow and hold a meeting with responsible ones charged for financial governance of the business company.