Official Visit of Ambassador Mitja Drobnič, Head of Delegation of EU to Montenegro to the State audit Institution



On 21st June 2013, Ambassador Mitja Drobnič, head of Delegation of EU to Montenegro has officially visited the State audit institution. This represents at the same time the first official visit to this Institution.


In the process of European integration for Montenegro, the value and importance of the State audit institution, as well as the importance of its role in the public finance system has been highlighted during the meeting with Ambassador Drobnič.

During the meeting with member of Senate, PhD Branislav Radulović, a discussion has been held regarding key issues for negotiation chapter 32 Financial control which refer to ensure a functional immunity of the President and members of Senate in the Constitution of Montenegro, as well as to ensure financial independence of the Institution in the Law on SAI in compliance with accepted international auditing standards.

Head of Delegation of EU to Montenegro, Ambassador Mitja Drobnič has expressed full support to the State audit institution referring to the importance of finalizing the process of amendments to the Law on SAI with aim to ensure full financial independence of the Institution.

Member of Senate, PhD Branislav Radulović has also discussed with head of Delegation of EU to Montenegro the issues related to human capacity development and fulfillment of vacant posts within the Senate of SAI.

Apart from Ambassador Mitja Drobnič, Mrs Donka Prodanova, task manager for internal market of the Delegation of EU to Montenegro, has participated at the meeting.