Meeting held with the representatives of Parliamentary Committee on economy, finance and budget of Montenegro


On 11th June 2013, the meeting has been held at the initiative of the Parliamentary Committee on economy, finance and budget of Montenegro at the premises of the State audit institution. The theme of the meeting has been dedicated to realization of the Conclusions of the Parliament of Montenegro. 

Members of Senate, PhD Branislav Radulović and PhD Milan Dabović have presented to the Parliamentary Committee an Annual audit plan for 2013, information on available human resources as well as the manner of arranging the duties and tasks within the State audit institution, but they also have highlighted a need to precise define the Conclusions, related to the Aluminum Plant of Podgorica and role of the SAI, especially referring to defined deadlines. 

The representatives of the Parliamentary Committee and members of Senate have held discussion regarding other issues as fulfillment of vacant posts within the Senate of SAI and amendments to the Law on SAI. 

Members of the Senate have been grateful for given support of the Parliamentary Committee by adopting the conclusions related to performed audit on state guarantees and have expressed a need to cooperate intensively on providing better functioning of the public finance system in Montenegro. 

Delegation of the Parliamentary Committee has been represented by MSc Aleksandar Damjanović, President of Parliamentary Committee and other members of the Committee: Zoran Jelić, PhD Strahinja Bulajić and Mladen Bojanić.