Meeting between President of the Senate and President of the Parliament Aleksa Bečić

Podgorica, 26th February, 2021 - President of the Senate of the State audit institution PhD Milan Dabović met President of the Parliament of Montenegro Aleksa Bečić.

The President of the Senate congratulated President Bečić on his election to the post of the President of the Parliament and wished him the best luck and success. Having in mind the importance of the function and role of the State audit institution within the financial control system, President of the Senate informed President of the Parliament about the work of the State audit institution in the field of auditing and emphasized the essence of maintaining and strengthening good cooperation with the legislative branch.

The interlocutors discussed the vacant post of the fifth member of the Senate and necessity of filling the post due to the fact that the sector, which should be managed by the one in charge of auditing large entities as state funds. During the meeting, they also discussed the budget of the State Audit Institution and need to resolve the limited office space for the Institution. The President of the Parliament emphasized the readiness of the legislative branch to support the State audit institution in these areas within its competencies.

The meeting preceded the Conference on Cooperation between the State audit institution and Parliament of Montenegro, which was organized with the support of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy.