Public statement of the State Audit Institution about the media text "SAI destroyed documentation"

Podgorica, 21st February, 2021 - The State Audit Institution denies the information published by a media that "the State Audit Institution has made a decision on the destruction of archival material."

The State Audit Institution, as well as all other public institutions, is obliged to implement the laws and regulations of Montenegro, including those in the field of archive and office operations. The documentation created by the SAI, as well as the documentation obtained in the audit process, is archived, stored, listed and extracted in accordance with the prescribed deadlines determined by the List of Registrar Material Categories of the State Audit Institution with keeping deadlines.

For the purpose of comprehensive and accurate reporting, the State Audit Institution informs the public that during the regular visit to the registry for control and provision of direct professional assistance, the authorized person of the State Archives of Montenegro made a Minutes on 22nd June, 2020, instructing that the in line with the Law on Archival service and internal acts, the State Audit Institution should establish the Commission for arranging archival material and list of worthless records in line with the List of Registrar Material Categories of the State Audit Institution with keeping deadlines. The Commission established by the Decision of 29th June 2020 carried out planned activities in accordance with the regulations and informed the State Archives, which by its decision as of 7th September, 2020 approved the destruction of worthless records for the period 2004-2014.

By stating and interpreting information related to the work of the State Audit Institution in an incorrect and improper manner, it is tried to jeopardize reputation and credibility of the State Audit Institution, which has been built for years by performing objective and independent work and proven with its results both on national and international level.

We hereby highlight the essence of fair and professional current cooperation with the media, which we consider our partners in promoting our role and fulfilling the common goal in strengthening accountability, transparency and good governance in the public sector.