Public announcement

Podgorica, 13th february, 2021 – The State audit institution, as the supreme body of state audit in Montenegro, keeps the general public informed that certain individuals, who are not employed in the SAI, sign official correspondence documents as state auditors, who according to the Law on SAI do not have any right.

The SAI, in addition to the news published, possesses related documentation submitted by several state bodies, which will be used as a basis for undertaking actions, in accordance with the Law on SAI and Code of Ethics towards the individuals who have demonstrated themselves not in line with the legal requirements.

With the aim to ensure proper understanding, the SAI reiterates that the state auditor is not an "independent activity" and that in relation to the third parties, it can only be signed by the persons employed in the SAI, who have the state auditor identification card and SAI’s authorization for performing audits. The individuals possessing a certificate on passed audit exam have only got the possibility to be candidates in the public competition for state auditor in the SAI on the basis of Article 45 of the Law on SAI. They do not have the right to demonstrate or act as state auditors in an official communication with third parties only by having a certificate on passed audit exam and shifting it into a "private profession" on a commercial basis, contrary to the Law.

Hoping this is an isolated case, we believe that these proven and legally based facts do not need to be repeated and that all individuals who demonstrate as state auditors outside the SAI system will clearly understand that they are entering into the field of illegality.

At the same time, we point out that internal audit activities may be performed only by internal auditors in accordance with the Law on Public internal control system, which is under the responsibility of the appropriate unit of the Ministry of Finance.