Member of Senate Radule Žurić passed away

Radule Žurić, member of Senate of the State audit institution passed away on Tuesday, 5th January at the age of 63.

With his sudden departure, the State audit institution has lost a great friend and professional colleague. His knowledge, loyalty and dedication to the work has made a great human and professional contribution to the development of the Institution.

Radule Žurić completed his primary and secondary education in Mojkovac. He graduated from the Faculty of law in Kragujevac in 1984. During his long working career, he performed responsible duties in the Administration for public revenues, Tax administration and eleven years in the State audit institution as a state auditor.

He also held the post of a member of the Council of the Agency for anti-corruption on June 2015 till his appointment as a member of Senate of the State audit institution.

Radule Žurić was appointed as a member of the Senate of the State audit institution in July 2017.

He was married and had two children.