Due to the interest of the public and media, the Senate of the SAI, at its session held on 21st December 2020 adopted the following press release:

Pursuant to Article 100 of the Constitution of Montenegro, the Government manages internal policy, proposes the budget and the final statement of the budget, and in line with Article 8 of the Law on budget and fiscal responsibility, in the event that during the fiscal year the planned receipts or expenditures are increased or reduced, the proposal for budget balancing may be prepared.

It is also regulated in the Article 37 of the Law on budget and fiscal responsibility that if the State Budget Law or a decision on municipal budget is not adopted by 31 December of the current year for the next fiscal year, the Ministry of Finance, until it is adopted, on monthly basis, approves funds for spending units up to the amount of 1/12 (one twelfth) of actual expenditures of the previous fiscal year. The SAI alerts that according to this Article of the Law on the budget, the budget funds are approved to the spending units that are determined in the annual law on budget, adopted by the Parliament of Montenegro for the previous year.

Article 34 of the Law on budget and fiscal responsibility determines that the budget includes the expenditures of the spending units according to the organizational, functional, economic, program and project classification and in line with this, the temporary financing may be possible only for the spending units determined by the law.

In line with Article 39 of the Law on the budget and fiscal responsibility, the minister of finance is responsible for the accuracy and regularity of the execution of the State budget.

In line with its competences and Article 144 of the Constitution of Montenegro and Article 5 item 2 of the Law on the SAI, the Institution will, in the audit of the final statement of the state budget for 2020 “determine regularity of the financial and other activities of the audited entity with the aim to evaluate compliance with the current laws and other regulations”, and examine whether it is prepared in line with the Law on budget for the current year and report it to the Parliament of Montenegro.

Based on the fact that the SAI, based on the audit findings may advise the Parliament and Government about the individual financial measures and significant regulations in line with Article 21 of the Law on the SAI, the Senate remains open in providing its advice and opinions upon the invitation of these institutions.