New activities and directions for cooperation discussed at the Fourth annual meeting of the EUROSAI TFMA Task force for municipality audit

Podgorica, 19th November 2020 – Member of Senate Zoran Jelić along with the state auditors of Sector V participated at the Fourth annual virtual meeting of the EUROSAI Task force for municipality audit (EUROSAI TFMA).

At the fourth virtual meeting of the EUROSAI TFMA Task force of municipality audit, it was discussed three strategic goals of the Working programme of this Task force for period 2020, as well as a draft of the Working programme for period 2021-2023. The results of the surveys on application of the audit sampling in auditing local self-government units and analysis of administrative supervision of municipalities, as well as the plan on development of the survey about the methods and manner of monitoring recommendations given in the audit reports of local self-government units were discussed at the meeting.

It was also discussed about the possibility of conducting coordinated audit in area of providing quality services to the citizens during the pandemic COVID 19 by using own municipal revenues.

The virtual meeting was attended by almost 70 participants from 27 member countries of this Task force, as well as representative of the OECD and EURORAI (European organization of regional external public finance audit institutions).

The State audit institution of Montenegro will be the host of the Fifth Annual meeting of the EUROSAI TFMA and Seminar on Municipal real estate management.

The National audit office of Lithuania as a chair of the EUROSAI Task force for municipality audit coordinates the work of this Task force, which currently unites 27 European supreme audit institutions.