Training for state auditors on the best practices in auditing political entities in organization of the Council of Europe

Podgorica, 15th November 2020 – The Program Office of the Council of Europe in Podgorica within the Horizontal Facility for Western Balkans and Turkey Phase II – Action against Economic Crime in Montenegro (AEC-MNE), organized training for state auditors on the best practices in auditing political entities on 12-13 November in Podgorica.

The aim of the training was to draw upon the experiences and the lessons learned from the previous audit cycles in order to address the challenges encountered and faced by the State Audit Institution (SAI). This approach should strengthen audit performances of SAI and its capacities to detect and investigate corruption and fraud through audit procedures.

The training was opened by the member of Senate of the SAI, Mr. Nikola N. Kovačević, while the state auditor – head of Department in the Sector IV Violeta Kovačević talked about the competencies of the SAI according to the Law on financing political entities and election campaign, as well as about the results of the work of the SAI in this area. During the two-day training, the experts presented the European and international best practices with common challenges, difficulties and issues in auditing political entities.

The audit staff of the Sector IV, which is inter alia responsible for auditing political entities, participated at the training.