Third Workshop “Financial audit” held in Ankara

Ankara, 3rd December 2018 – In organization of the Turkish Court of Accounts and expert support of the National audit office of Sweden, the third workshop was organized on the topic “Financial audit” for the members of the Network of the SAIs of the EU Candidate countries and potential candidate countries from 27th November to 1st December 2018 in Ankara.

On behalf of the State audit institution, members of Senate, Nikola N. Kovacevic and Zoran Jelic, head of sector I Stana Besovic, state auditor Spiro Mijovic and head of International relation department Marija Zugic attended the workshop.

The third workshop was dedicated to evaluation of findings and writing the report on financial audit. The representatives of the State audit institution of Montenegro presented their experiences related to implementation of the standards for evaluation of audit findings and reporting with a special focus on forming audit opinions.


The participants exchanged their knowledge and experiences through practical implementation of their methodology for evaluating the audit findings and writing reports on financial audit.

This workshop is one of the activities of the Work Plan of the Network of the supreme audit institutions of the candidate countries and potential candidate countries of the EU.