Held IntoSAINT integrity self-assessment of the State audit institution

Podgorica, 23. april 2018 – In the period from 16th till 20th of april, State audit institution organized self-assessment of integrity by using INTOSAI methodology for self-assessment of integrity for SAIs (IntoSAINT).

The workshop was moderated by Marion Janson from Dutch Court of audit, Mia Buljubašić from Audit office of institutions of Federation of Bosnia and Hercegovina, and Mariam Kakhidze from State audit institution of Georgia. Moderators presented IntoSAINT tool for self-assessment of integrity to participants, conducted self-assessment based on the results of the questionnaires and in discussion with the participants created a report which is presented to the management. The report on self-assessment of integrity contains results of the workshop with employees and recommendations, which will help to further improve the system of integrity control.

IntoSAINT tool for integrity self-assessment is developed and implemented by the Netherlands Court of Audit. This tool is served for risk analysis and resilience of the SAI with a view to preventing future violations and raising awareness about integrity within the SAI. IntoSAINT covers integrity control framework and implementation of relevant international standards of supreme audit institutions related to integrity and ethical principles.