Reporting on Work of the State Audit Institution

Podgorica, 12th November 2012- The non-governmental organization Institute Alternativa organized the Workshop on ‘Reporting on the work of the State audit institution’. On behalf of the State audit institution, at the workshop participated President of Senate, Miroslav Ivanisević and members of Senate, PhD Branislav Radulović and Dragiša Pešić.

The aim of the workshop was to enhance the mechanisms for better and effective cooperation between the State audit institution, media and civil society. At the workshop, it was stressed that as one of the strategic goals within the Strategic Development Plan of the Institution for 2012-2017 is the improvement of communication policies. Realizing this strategic goal, the State audit institution will improve good cooperation with Parliament of Montenegro, Government and other state bodies, civil society and public with the aim to better report on the work of the State audit institution.