Participation of the SAI of Montenegro at Regional Workshop “IT Audit Methodology”

Belgrade, 13th December 2017 – The representatives of the State audit institution of Montenegro, Biljana Bulatović, head of Department for development, application and audit of IT system and Ivana Čelebić, independent adviser II – adviser for information technology, participated at the regional workshop “IT Audit Methodology”, held from 12-13. december in Belgrade.

The objective of the workshop was to exchange experiences about good practices and challenges the supreme audit institution face in conducting IT audits.

During the workshop, the representatives of the State audit institution of Montenegro held presentations on two themes: methodology for IT audit and case study of IT audit.


Apart from the representatives of the SAI of Montenegro, the delegations of the supreme audit institutions of the Republic Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Rumania participated at this regional workshop.

The host of the workshop was the SAI of the Republic of Serbia and it was organized with the support of UNDP project “Accelerating Accountability Mechanism in Public Finances” and UNDP project “Enhancement of Municipal audit for accountability and Efficiency in public finance management”.