President of the Senate, PhD Milan Dabović at the Workshop “Audit accountability”

Washington, 28th November 2017 – At the invitation of the organization “International Budget Partnership”, president of the Senate, PhD Milan Dabović participated at the workshop “Audit accountability”, held on 27th to 28th November in Washington, DC.

The meeting brought together various experts from supreme audit institutions, as well as civil society representatives from Argentina, Georgia, Ghana, Mexico, Nepal, Sierra Leone,  South Africa and Tanzania. Apart from the representatives of the State audit institution of Montenegro, Mr. Marko Sošić participated on behalf the NGO “Institute Alternativa”.

At the workshop, the participants discussed about the measures for improvement of the follow-up process and implementation of the audit recommendations by the executive branch. The lack of follow-up on audit recommendations and implementation of audit recommendations is a widely recognized problem. The International Budget Partnership had conducted several studies and proposed a set of measures for strengthening the follow-up system. The measures refer to development of the follow-up system and databases of audit findings, implementation of communication strategies and development of cooperation with the civil sector with the aim to improving implementation of audit recommendations by the executive branch. As a positive example, the International Budget Partnership pointed out the cooperation between the SAI of Montenegro and NGO “Institute Alternativa”.

The International Budget Partnership proposed a pilot initiative that would be realized in cooperation between the participating supreme audit institutions and representatives of the civil sector. This initiative would be conducted to test a hypothesis, which would contain concrete activities of the SAI in relation to the action plan for implementation of the certain number of recommendations which were not been implemented in the previous three years. In such a manner, the importance of the cooperation between the SAIs and civil sector would be emphasized. Based on testing the hypothesis and information, the International Budget Partnership would prepare a report, that would provide important lessons to the supreme audit institutions on how audits can truly become tools for enhancing government accountability.