President of Senate of the SAI and Director of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption signed the Cooperation Agreement

Podgorica, 15th November 2017 - President of Senate of the State audit institution, PhD Milan Dabović and director of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, Mr. Sreten Radonjić, have signed the Cooperation Agreement with the aim to mutually contributing improvement of the responsibilities of the political parties, strengthening integrity and good governance of the public funds.

The Law on financing political parties and election campaign defines and separates the competencies of supervision over implementation of this Law, carried out by the Agency and the competencies of the State audit institution for auditing annual consolidated financial statements of the political entities, which total income exceeds 10.000,00 €.


In order to contribute to the achievement of these individual objectives and competencies, the SAI and the Agency recognized the need and scope for establishing and improving cooperation, sharing experiences, data and good practices, as well as promoting the results of cooperation through joint activities.

On behalf of the State audit institution, members of the Senate, Nikola N. Kovačević, Radule Žurić and Zoran Jelić and secretary of the Institution, Mihaela Popović have participated at today's signing of Agreement.


The SAI and Agency will develop mutual cooperation in all areas of common interest, especially in the area of ​​ensuring the lawful, effective, economic, efficient and transparent management and disposal of public funds and state property, efficient and effective control of the financing of political entities and electoral campaigns, strengthening the principles of good governance and overall integrity of the institutions and responsible persons within them, through fulfillment of the prescribed legal obligations and respecting set of auditing and anti-corruption rules and standards, organizing activities aimed at raising the level of public awareness of the strengthening of responsibility in the disposal of public funds, harmfulness of corruption and promoting the principles of good governance, as well as in other areas of common interest agreed by the signatories of the Agreement.

The Agreement between the Agency and the State Audit Institution defines the method of cooperation, as well as the duty of the signatories of the Agreement to identify the priorities of cooperation through joint consultations, as well as concrete activities aimed at achieving these priorities and goals of cooperation.