Regional Conference

Podgorica, June 2012. – The State audit institution of Montenegro, with the support of the UNDP in Montenegro, organized the two-day regional conference on the theme ‘Role of the Supreme audit institutions in controlling political parties financing’, on 18th -19th June 2012 in Podgorica.

Regional Conference ’Role of the Supreme audit institutions in controlling political parties financing’ was organized within the UNDP Project’ Strengthening mechanisms of responsibility in the public financing area’. The key objective of the Conference was the exchange of experience and strengthening of cooperation among supreme audit institutions within the region. At the Regional conference participated the highest representatives of the Supreme audit institutions of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, as well as the representatives of the Parliament of Montenegro, political parties and NGOs.

The first panel of this conference was dedicated to the role of the supreme audit institutions in controlling political parties and electoral campaign financing, as well as legal and institutional modalities with a particular emphasis on the current state of play in Montenegro. The theme of the second panel was dedicated to the exchange of experience aiming at strengthening transparency in the public finance management stressing on defining recommendations for further strengthening of regional conference.

At the end of the conference, the participants made a set of conclusions aiming strengthening the role of supreme audit institutions in the area of auditing financial statements of political parties.