10th Anniversary of Cooperation in Strengthening External Audit

Podgorica, 7th June 2012. – The State audit institution and German Organization for Technical Cooperation (GIZ) organized on 7th June 2012 the Roundtable on 10th anniversary of cooperation between Government of Germany and Montenegro in strengthening of external audit in Montenegro.

During last ten years, Montenegro has achieved the important success in the public finance system reform as well as strengthening financial discipline. Government of Montenegro and Germany, in the context of the Stability Pact for South-Eastern-Europe, decided to realize the bilateral project “Creation and establishment of a Supreme Audit Institution in Montenegro“in 2001. The German Federal Ministry for International Cooperation and Development (BMZ) raised the necessary funds and commissioned GTZ (German Technical Agency) with the implementation of the project.

Since its establishment in 2004, the State Audit Institution of Montenegro has been established as the State Audit Institution (SAI) solely competent for audit of public funds. With the support of the German Organization for Technical Cooperation (GIZ), the drafting of the legislation and laying of the institutional foundation for the State Audit Institution started in June 2002.

At the Roundtable, State audit institution presented its Strategic Development Plan, which consistent part includes the strategic development goals and activities for the following five year period. For the following five year period, the Strategic Development Plan of the State audit institution has the aim to improve the legal framework of the State audit institution, strengthening of capacities and introduction of new types of audits, as well as the improvement of information system and communication policies of the Institution.