Seminar on Achieving Audit Quality


Prague, April 2012. – The State audit institution of Montenegro participated at the ‘Seminar on Achieving Audit Quality’, which was organized on 23rd – 26th 2012. in Prague. The Supreme audit institution of the Czech Republic was the host of the ‘Seminar on Achieving Audit Quality’. The activity of ‘Audit quality’ represents the second activity of the Network of Supreme audit institutions, adopted at the Meeting held in Istanbul, where the heads of the SAIs of the EU candidate countries and potential candidates’ countries made a decision on common strategic goals of the Supreme audit institutions in preparing to become an EU member state Supreme audit institutions.



At this seminar, the following themes related to audit quality were chosen: supervision and review during the performance of audit work and implementing ISSAI 40 and the way forward in achieving audit quality. The objectives of the seminar also referred to: introduction standards applying to the chosen themes based on ISSAI 40 and International standards on quality control ISQC-1; exchange experiences reflecting day to day practice in implementing audit quality procedures focusing on issues arising; identification of needed improvements requiring change and promotion cooperation among Network SAIs. There were more than 40 participants from 18 organizations and institutions at the seminar.