Press conference


Podgorica, 14th November 2011- State audit institution of Montenegro held press conference on the occasion of publishing its Annual report on performed audits and activities from October 2010- October 2011. President of Senate, Mr. Miroslav Ivanišević, as well as members of Senate, Mr. Dragiša Pešić, PhD Milan Dabović and MSc Branislav Radulović participated at the press conference.




Apart from Audit on Final Budget Accounts of Montenegro for 2010, State audit institution performed 14 individual audits in this reporting period. Referring to individual audits, State audit institution gave two positive opinions, nine conditional positive opinions from which two are conditional positive for financial reporting and negative in the area of audit of effectiveness, as well as one negative opinion. In this reporting period, State audit institution also performed two follow-up audits. State audit institution gave 20 recommendations and measures in the audit report on final budget accounts for 2010, while in the final individual audit reports, the Institution gave 121 recommendations.