Control hearing held on Performance Audit Report of the Budget Expenditures for Judicial Disputes Arising from Labour Relations

Podgorica, 21st April 2016 – Member of Senate, PhD Branislav Radulović and Mr. Blažo Savković, head of sector II have participated at the session of the Parliamentary Committee on health, labour and social welfare dedicated to the control hearing with regard to Performance audit report „Budget Expenditures for Judicial Disputes Arising from Labour Relations“.

The SAI's finding on conducted performance audit identified that from 2012 till the last year around 71 million euros had been paid from the budget for judicial disputes, including the ones arising from labour relations. The sample included the cases against four spending units – Ministry of internal affairs, Ministry of defence, Ministry of justice and Ministry of finance, taking into account their participation in total amount of realized annual expenditures for judicial disputes and total number of cases related to labour relations which had taken place before the Protector of property and legal interests in 2014.

The given audit found that based on eight lost individual and collective judicial disputes arising from labour relations, total amount of expenditures amounted to 662.824,87€. The main debt amounted to 356.487,98 €, and 306.334,89 € referred to paid budget funds for dependent costs of disputes (litigation costs, execution costs, default interest and other costs), or 46,21%.

The following persons have attended the session dedicated to this control hearing: Zoran Pažin, Minister of justice; Raško Konjević, former Minister of internal affairs; representatives of Ministry of defence, Mihailo Volkov, general director of Human Resource Directorate and Nada Ulićević, General Secretary of Ministry of defence; representative of Ministry of finance, Dragan Darmanović, General Director of State Treasury Directorate.

Following the discussion, it has been concluded that members of Committee would prepare a proposal of conclusions with regard to this control hearing for adopting them and submitting to the authorities competent for their implementation at the one of the following sessions.