Agreement on Cooperation


Podgorica, 30th April 2010. - The Commission for the control of public procurement procedures and the State audit institution (SAI) have signed Agreement on cooperation, which envisages the activities against corruption and other forms of illegal behaviour during the public tender procedure.



Mr. Ivanišević has noticed that SAI pays special attention to good cooperation with state bodies, which have authority in controlling use of public funds. ‘Thus, we believe that anticorruption front strengthens as well as the activities, which represent an important prerequisite for further progress of Montenegro in the context of EU accession. These coordinating activities and intensive control in use of public funds, rationality and economy, as well as transparency of procedures are good basis for fighting against corruption and fraud.

The significant improvement has been made regarding procedure of public procurement, so that ‘transparency is at high level’. Since, the State audit institution found many cases of abusing public procurement procedures during previous audits, this system should be enhanced. The goal of the Agreement is also to inform timely on performed audits related to the area of public procurement and decisions made on written appeals in these procedures.