Final Conference on Successful Implementation of Twinning Light Project “Audit Quality Control in the SAI of Montenegro”

Podgorica, 3rd February 2015 - The State Audit Institution of Montenegro (SAI) organizes the closing ceremony and final event of the IPA 2012 Twinning Light Project “Audit Quality Control in the State Audit Institution of Montenegro”, which will be held on Wednesday, 4th February at the Hotel Podgorica at 10 o’clock. The Twinning light project has been realized with the expert support of the National audit office of Lithuania.

The objective of the project was to enhance effective and efficient management and use of public funds in Montenegro by strengthening audit capacity of the SAI. The project aimed to provide support to the SAI in introducing audit quality control in line with the international auditing standards and international audit practice.

The EU-funded Twinning project worth EUR 250.000 has been implemented through five Activities which entailed the establishment of audit quality control system in compliance with international standards on auditing and best auditing practice, review of key documents and practices, as well as practical trainings delivered to the staff of the SAI.

The event participants will be addressed: dr Milan Dabović, President of Senate of the State audit institution of Montenegro; Mrs Giedrė Švedienė, Auditor General of the NAO Lithuania; Mr Andre Lys, Head of Cooperation of Delegation of EU in Montenegro; Mr Zoran Jelić, member of Parliamentary Committee of economy, finance and budget of Montenegro; Mr Nikola Vukićević, deputy minister of finance in the Ministry of finance of Montenegro; dr Branislav Radulović, Leader of Project, member of Senate of the SAI Montenegro; Ms Audronė Vaitkevičiūtė, Leader of Project, Head of Audit Methodology Division, Audit Development Department of the National Audit Office of Lithuania.