Podgorica, 14th December 2020 – The State audit institution has performed financial audit of the Annual financial statement and regularity audit of the operations of the Public Institute Official Gazette for 2019.

Podgorica, 9th December 2020 – Today, as part of the project implemented by the NGO Institute of Alternative with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway and the Balkan Fund for Democracy entitled "Strengthening Financial control in Montenegro", a consultative meeting was held between the State Audit Institution and the civil sector towards development of the Annual audit plan of the SAI for 2021. On behalf of the State audit institution, members of the Senate Nikola N. Kovačević and Zoran Jelić have participated at the meeting.

Podgorica, 1st December 2020 – State auditor – head of Department for monitoring fiscal responsibility criteria Mr Ivan Marojević and state auditor MSc Špiro Mijović hold online training for the audit staff of the SAI on implementation of the Guidelines for performing audit of the final statement of the state budget.

Podgorica, 30th November 2020 – The article of the president of Senate PhD Milan Dabović has been published on the topic “Aspiration of accession to the European Union: adding value to Montenegro and to external public audit – perspective from a Candidate Country SAI“ in the monthly European Court of auditors Journal „Realizing European added value”.

Podgorica, 27th December 2020 – In the Audit report of the Annual financial statement of the Deponija Ltd Podgorica for 2019, the competent Auditing board of the SAI, in accordance with Article 15 of the Law on State audit institution, inter alia obliged the audited entity to submit the Plan of the activities for implementation of the given recommendations including measures, responsible individuals and deadlines within 30 days.

Podgorica, 19th November 2020 – Member of Senate Zoran Jelić along with the state auditors of Sector V participated at the Fourth annual virtual meeting of the EUROSAI Task force for municipality audit (EUROSAI TFMA).

Podgorica, 16th November 2020 – The State audit institution has performed financial audit and regularity audit of the Final Statement of Budget Accounts of Municipality of Danilovgrad for 2019.

Podgorica, 15th November 2020 – The Program Office of the Council of Europe in Podgorica within the Horizontal Facility for Western Balkans and Turkey Phase II – Action against Economic Crime in Montenegro (AEC-MNE), organized training for state auditors on the best practices in auditing political entities on 12-13 November in Podgorica.

Podgorica, 5th November 2020 – The State audit institution has performed financial and regularity audit of the Annual financial statement of the Democratic Union of Albanians for 2019.

Podgorica, 4. novembar 2020. godine – Državna revizorska institucija je izvršila reviziju Godišnjeg finansijskog izvještaja Uprave za inspekcijske poslove za 2019. godinu i usklađenost poslovanja sa zakonima, propisima i drugim aktima. 

Podgorica, 3. novembar 2020. godine – Državna revizorska institucija je izvršila finansijsku reviziju i reviziju pravilnosti Godišnjeg konsolidovanog finansijskog izvještaja Nove demokratske snage - FORCA za 2019. godinu.

Podgorica, 2. novembar 2020. godine – Državna revizorska institucija Crne Gore podnosi Skupštini Crne Gore Godišnji izvještaj o izvršenim revizijama i aktivnostima za period oktobar 2019 – oktobar 2020. godine, koji daje osvrt na rezultate ostvarene na ispunjavanju misije i nadležnosti Državne revizorske institucije.

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