Podgorica, 23rd July 2015 – The State audit institution has performed a financial audit of the Annual Financial Statement of the PI Music Centre of Montenegro for 2014 and a regularity audit.

Belgrade, July 2015 – Mr. Dragiša Pešić, member of Senate and Mrs. Dobrila Glomazić, head of Division in Sector V, participated at the Conference „Cooperation between Supreme audit institutions and public internal auditors“, on 14th July in Belgrade.

Pristina, 15th July 2015 – Member of Senate of the SAI, Mr. Nikola N. Kovačević participated at VII Annual Conference of the Office of Auditor General of Kosovo, from 9th to 10th July in Pristina.

Podgorica, 1st July 2015 -   The Conference “Strengthening impact of the State audit institution of Montenegro“ has been organized as the part of the Project “Together towards accountability”, implemented by NGO Institute Alternativa and supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade.

Zagreb, 1st July 2015 – In cooperation with TAIEX Assistance program of European Commission, the State audit institution of Montenegro has organized a study visit for its representatives to the State audit office of Croatia, from 29th June to 1st July 2015 in Zagreb.

Riga, 18th June 2015 – The Contact Committee meeting of the heads of supreme audit institutions of the European Union has been held in Riga, 18th – 19th June 2015. The host of the meeting has been the State Audit Office of the Republic of Latvia.

Podgorica, 12th June 2015. – The State audit institution has performed a financial audit of the Annual financial statement of the Constitutional Court for 2014 and regularity audit of compliance of its operations with the legal and other relevant regulations.

Podgorica, 11th June 2015 – The State audit institution has conducted a performance audit “Efficiency of the Tax Administration in Undertaking Collection Measures of Tax Debt”.

Podgorica, 1st June 2015 – Member of Senate, Dragiša Pešić has met with a member of the European Court of Auditors, Mr. Hans Gustaf Wessberg and head of Cooperation Section in Delegation of the EU in Montenegro, Mr. Andre Lys.

Tirana, May 2015 – Member of Senate of the State audit institution, Mr. Nikola N. Kovačević has participated at the Regional Conference on detecting and investigating corruption and fraud through audit procedures, 27-28th May in Tirana.

Podgorica, 29th May 2015 – Member of Senate, Dragiša Pešić has held a meeting with Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on economy, finance and budget, mr Aleksandar Damjanović and SIGMA experts, Christian Charpy, Balázs Romhányi and Bianca Breteche.

Podgorica, 28th May 2015 – Recognizing the importance of cooperation between SAI, Government and Parliament in implementation of the Law on budget and fiscal accountability of Montenegro, State audit institution of Montenegro in cooperation with SIGMA has organized workshop “Assessing fiscal Responsibility Criteria and contributing to fiscal responsibility“, 28th May 2015 in Podgorica.

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