Podgorica, 21st April 2016 – Member of Senate, PhD Branislav Radulović and Mr. Blažo Savković, head of sector II have participated at the session of the Parliamentary Committee on health, labour and social welfare dedicated to the control hearing with regard to Performance audit report „Budget Expenditures for Judicial Disputes Arising from Labour Relations“.

Belgrade, 13th April 2016 – Within the framework of the Network of the SAIs of Candidate Countries and Potential Candidate Countries of EU and with a significant support of the Swedish National Audit Office (SNAO), SIGMA and Joint Working group on audit activities (JWGAA), the workshop on audit opinions has been held from 12-13th April in Belgrade.

Podgorica, 7th April 2016 – The State audit institution conducted a performance audit on „Budget Expenditures of Montenegro arising from labour disputes“.

Podgorica, 1st April 2016 – The State audit institution of Montenegro has developed and adopted the Integrity plan according to the legal obligations prescribed in the Law on anti-corruption.

Podgorica, 31st March 2016 – The State audit institution of Montenegro has performed financial audit of the Annual financial statement of the Health insurance fund of Montenegro for 2014, as well as the audit of compliance of the activities and financial transactions with the laws and secondary legislation.

Podgorica, 31st March 2016 – Member of Senate, Nikola N. Kovačević has participated at the National Conference "For Fair Elections 2016: Political dialogue and the implementation of electoral legislation in Montenegro" organized by the Centre for Monitoring and Research (CEMI).

Podgorica, 21st March 2016 – „The performance audit on judicial disputes is in the final auditing phase. The performance audit on collection of tax liabilities by the property of tax payers has been started. The Institution has undertaken intensive activities on the follow up audit of concessions“, said Mr. Branislav Radulović, member of Senate.

Podgorica, 1st March 2016 – The representatives of the State Audit Office of the Republic of Croatia, mr Božo Vuletić-Antić, M.Sc., Assistant Auditor General for Performance Audit and Mrs. Silvija Dorotić, senior state auditor, paid a visit to the State audit institution of Montenegro. The purpose of the visit was to agree on beginning of the parallel performance audit.

Budapest, 26th February 2016 – General Secretary of the SAI Montenegro, Mihaela Popović and senior adviser on legal affairs and anti-corruption, Balša Braletić participated at the international seminar, held on 22-26th february 2016 in Szarvas.

Luxembourg, 26th February 2016 – Member of Senate, PhD Branislav Radulović and head of division for performance audit, MSc. Ivana Jovanović, participated at the introductory meeting dedicated to beginning of implementation of the II Project „Parallel Performance Audit“, held on 25th February 2016 in Luxembourg.

Podgorica, 22nd February 2016 – President of Senate, Milan Dabović, PhD and executive director of the Institute, Mr. Rade Šćekić signed an Agreement on cooperation between the SAI and Institute of accountants and auditors of Montenegro.

Podgorica, 16th February 2016 – The conference on cooperation between the State audit institution and State Prosecutor's Office was organized within the project of the NGO „Institute Alternativa“ financed by British Embassy of Podgorica.

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