SAI published the Performance audit report „Efficient response management in case of sudden pollution on the Adriatic Sea”

Podgorica, 29th April 2021 - The State Audit Institution has conducted performance audit on the theme of „Efficient response management in case of sudden pollution on the Adriatic Sea”.

The audit has been a part of a parallel performance audit project. In addition to the State audit institution of Montenegro, the project also gathered the supreme audit institutions from countries with access to the Adriatic Sea, Audit Office of the Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Audit Office of the Institutions in the Federation of BiH,  State audit office of the Republic of Croatia, Court of Audit of Slovenia, Court of Audit of Italy and the State Audit Institution of Albania.

The audited entities were: Administration of Maritime Safety and Port Management,  Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs - Directorate General of Maritime Traffic - Regional Unit – Harbour Office Bar and Regional Unit - Harbour Office Kotor, Inspectorate of Maritime Safety, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism - Directorate General for Climate Change and Mediterranean Affairs, Environmental Protection Agency, PE for Coastal Zone Management,  Hydrocarbons Administration, Ministry of Interior - Directorate General for Emergency Situations.

In the audit procedure, a review of regulations and documentation related to the activities of competent institutions, principles of work and activities, tasks and duties, measures and procedures for prevention, reduction and elimination of consequences of sudden pollution of the Adriatic Sea, available to audited entities, which refers to a 4-year period (2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020).

Based on the conducted performance audit and established facts, the Supreme State Audit identified problems and weaknesses that limit the success of the system of protection of the Adriatic Sea from sudden pollution and assessed that Montenegro has limited capacity to protect the sea from sudden pollution. The audit established that after nine (9) years from the development of the National Action Plan for Emergency Response in the Event of Marine Pollution from Vessels:

- adequate system for responding to large-scale sudden pollution (level 3) in the part of satisfactory material and technical and human resources, making maps of sensitive areas, constant risk assessment and other issues of importance for adequate response has not been established;

- the revised National emergency response plan in case of marine pollution from vessels from 2011 has not been adopted;

- appropriate coordination has not been established between all participants who have a role in the National Plan;

- no regional agreement for joint reaction was signed;

- the necessary conventions have not been ratified and all obligations from those already ratified have not been fulfilled

The SAI points out that not all activities, recommendations and all environmental protection measures from the Report on the Strategic Assessment of the Environmental Impact of the Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production Programme of Montenegro have been implemented. Directive 2013/30/EU on the safety of offshore oil and gas activities has not yet been implemented in Montenegrin legislation because the Law on Safety Measures for Offshore Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production has not been adopted.

Accordingly, the Supreme State Audit Office assesses that the existing system of protection against sudden marine pollution is not efficient enough, and that additional and more effective measures are needed to improve it.

Performance audit of „Efficient response management in case of sudden pollution on the Adriatic Sea” was led by the competent Auditing Board comprised of PhD Branislav Radulović (member of Senate – head of the Auditing Board) and PhD Milan Dabović (president of Senate – member of Auditing Board)

The Final Performance audit report „Efficient response management in case of sudden pollution on the Adriatic Sea” has been published at the website of the SAI.

Performance audit report „Efficient response management in case of sudden pollution in Adriatic sea“