State Audit Institution takes part in meeting with the Council of Europe's experts

Podgorica, 1st April 2021 - Delegation of the State audit institution has held virtual meeting with the experts of the Council of Europe – Ms. Milosava Milenović and Mr. Jussi Bright.

The meeting has been organized by the Program Office of the Council of Europe in Podgorica within the Horizontal Facility for Western Balkans and Turkey (Project against Economic Crime) in order to strengthen the capacity of the institutions to better understand the audit reports and follow the recommendations of the State Audit Institution and strengthen the capacity of the auditors to detect possible corrupt practices through audit procedures.

At the meeting, the experts have collected relevant information from the SAI on the role of the SAI, identified audit findings, as well as on cooperation with the Parliament of Montenegro and State Prosecutor's Office in order to develop the Guidelines for presenting audit findings with the corruption and fraud elements and Technical document "Manual for auditors to detect fraud and corruption in audits".

On behalf of the SAI, the meeting has been attended by the members of the Senate Nikola N. Kovačević and Zoran Jelić; state auditor - head of sector V, Vladan Perović and state auditor - head of sector IV, Zorica Knežević.