Meeting of representatives of the State Audit Institution and SIGMA experts within the process of evaluating public administration reform

Podgorica, 31st march 2021 - Delegation of the State audit institution has held virtual meetings with the SIGMA experts on the occasion of the annual SIGMA monitoring assessment of Montenegro public administration reform.

The first meeting, held on 26th March was dedicated to discussing the role of the State audit institution in conducting audit of the Proposal law on the Final Budget Account of Montenegro and assessment of fiscal rules. While answering the questions of the budget SIGMA expert, President of the Senate has presented the content of the Guidelines for fiscal responsibility assessment, role and methodology of SAI work in conducting assessment of fiscal rules, as well as process of drafting the Audit Report on the Proposal law on the Final Budget Account of Montenegro. The focus of the meeting has also been on assessing the quality of data on outstanding liabilities.

The second part of the meeting has been related to discussion on the audits and activities performed by the SAI, fulfillment of its mandate, implementation of strategic goals, cooperation with the Parliament, as well as implementation of the adopted audit methodologies and manuals in practice.

On behalf of the SAI, the meetings have been attended by President of Senate of Montenegro PhD Milan Dabović; member of Senate Nikola N. Kovačević, member of Senate Zoran Jelic; secretary of the Institution Dobrila Glomazić; state auditor - head of sector I, Mihaela Popović; state auditor - head of the Department for monitoring fiscal responsibility Ivan Marojević; state auditor - head of the Department for international cooperation Marija Žugić and senior advisor Marija Pešić. Meetings have been attended by Mrs. Pilar Ormijana, PFM Coordinator, Mrs. Marita Salgrave SIGMA external audit expert and Mr. John Howlin, SIGMA budget expert.

On the occasion of SIGMA monitoring assessment of the public procurement, meeting has also been held together with SIGMA expert for public procurement, Mr. Zoran Blažević.

Member of the Senate Nikola N. Kovačević, state auditor - head of department in Sector IV Vesna Mihailović and state auditor Tanja Dragović have talked about the SAI audits in the field of public procurement, most common irregularities and weaknesses in the public procurement system, centralized public procurement process and SAI cooperation with the Directorate for public procurement policy, Commission for the control of public procurement procedures and Directorate for Inspection Affairs.

The European Commission has engaged SIGMA to conduct a monitoring assessment of all areas of public administration reform in Montenegro, including assessment of external audit. The result of this monitoring assessment will be SIGMA Public administration reform monitoring assessment report, which will be prepared and published by the end of the current year