Meeting with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Podgorica, 12th March 2021 - Within the mission of the International Monetary Fund, a virtual meeting has been held with the delegation of the State audit institution to gather information necessary for the preparation of the regular mission of the International Monetary Fund.

The meeting has been attended by President of the Senate of the State Audit Institution PhD Milan Dabović, member of the Senate Mr. Zoran Jelic, state auditor - head of sector I Mihaela Popović and state auditor -  head of International relation department Marija Žugić.

The President of the Senate has informed the IMF about the plans of the State audit institution on auditing expenses related to COVID, as well as the manner and procedure of auditing the Proposed Law on the final state budget account under the circumstances caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. Member of the Senate, Mr.Zoran Jelić has pointed out that the audit of expenses related to COVID 19 costs requires engagement of a larger number of auditors and external experts, and therefore it is necessary to provide adequate funds in the budget for 2021 for this audit. The meeting has also focused on measures and programs of the Government of Montenegro to mitigate the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, which relate to wage scheme subsidies.

On behalf of the International Monetary Fund for Montenegro, the meeting has been attended by Ms. Eble, Stephanie Verena, Head of the IMF Regional Office for the Western Balkans, Mr. Vincent Tang, Economist in the IMF's Fiscal Affairs Department and Ms. Mooi, Yen Nian, Economist in the IMF's European Affairs Department