SAI of Montenegro at the International integrity eSeminar

Podgorica, 4th March, 2021 – The representatives of the State audit institution have participated at the 8th International integrity eSeminar organized by the State audit office of the Republic of Hungary.

The focus of the 8th seminar was on the use of artificial intelligence in the prevention of corruption and the reliability of measuring corruption. The International seminar included an online e-course and online workshops. The e-course included multimedia tools, tests and activities that enabled real-time discussion during the workshops, where participants had the opportunity to present their experiences and good practices of their SAIs.

On behalf of the State audit institution, the seminar has been attended by the State auditor - head of the international cooperation department Marija Žugić and State auditor - head of the department for standardization, legislature and perfomance audit Svetlana Brajović, who have received certificates after successfully completing the training and testing.