Consultative meeting between the State audit institution and civil society towards development of the Annual audit plan of the SAI for 2021

Podgorica, 9th December 2020 – Today, as part of the project implemented by the NGO Institute of Alternative with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway and the Balkan Fund for Democracy entitled "Strengthening Financial control in Montenegro", a consultative meeting was held between the State Audit Institution and the civil sector towards development of the Annual audit plan of the SAI for 2021. On behalf of the State audit institution, members of the Senate Nikola N. Kovačević and Zoran Jelić have participated at the meeting.

The meeting has been dedicated to discussion about the proposals of the civil society for the potential topics and audited entities for the Annual audit plan for 2021, and for which there is a great need for auditing based on the findings of the civil society.

In their introductory speeches, the members of Senate have pointed out that this type of consultative meetings is a good opportunity to jointly discuss possible forms of cooperation between the SAI and the civil sector, as well as issues that are important for strengthening the impact of SAI work in Montenegrin society. The joint work and actions of civil society and the SAI will have a better impact of audits on the transparency of public financial management and accountability of audit entities. So far, the SAI has used information and suggestions obtained from civil society in the annual audit planning process.

In addition to this, the participants have talked about the implementation of the Guidelines for proposing and selecting financial and regularity audits for the Annual audit plan as well as activities planned in the Communication strategy of the SAI for the period 2020-2024.

On behalf of the civil society, more than 15 NGO organizations as Green Home, Media Centre, NGO Young Roma, Centre for Civil liberties, Coalition for sustainable development, Centre for investigative journalism, Action for social justice, Institute for business and financial literacy, Network for affirmation of NGO sector, Association of youth with disabilities of Montenegro, Centre for development of non-governmental organizations, Centre for protection and research of birds, Institute Alternativa, Centre for women rights, Queer Montenegro, NGO Parents have participated at this meeting.

According to the Communication strategy for the period 2020-2024, the State audit institution plans to organize these and similar meetings between the State audit institution and civil society in order to discuss the issues of mutual interest.

Online meeting was open for the general public.