Fourth Workshop “Reporting in financial audit” in Stockholm

Stockholm, 18th June 2019 – Delegation of the State audit institution, composed of members of the Senate, Nikola N. Kovacevic and Zoran Jelic, secretary of the Institution Mihaela Popovic, head of Department for international relations, Marija Zugic and state auditor, Spiro Mijovic participated in the fourth workshop “Reporting in financial audit”.

The participants of the workshop from the SAI of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey shared practical experiences in reporting phase in financial audit, audit quality control and quality assurance as well as follow-up of audit recommendations.

This is the fourth workshop organized within the framework of the Work Plan of the Network of supreme audit institutions of candidate countries and potential candidate countries of EU and European Court of auditors. The National audit office of Sweden provided expert support to this project.


The host of the fourth workshop was the National audit office of Sweden.