Vienna, March 2013 – The XXII UN/INTOSAI Symposium was held in Vienna from 05-07 March 2013, in cooperation of the INTOSAI General Secretariat with the United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA). The theme was “Audit and Advisory by SAIs: Risks and Opportunities, as well as Possibilities for Engaging Citizens".

There were more than 150 participants from more than 60 different countries, representatives from international organizations. Delegation of State audit institution, consisting of members of Senate, PhD Milan Dabović and PhD Branislav Radulović, took part in the work of the XXII UN/INTOSAI Symposium.













The symposium dealt with the following themes:

1. Audit and Advisory by SAIs: Requirements and Opportunities for Government Auditing;

2. Risks and Opportunities of Audit and Advisory by SAIs;

3. Effectiveness and Transparency of Audit and Advisory through the Participation of Citizens.

At the end of Symposium, participants adopted recommendations representing key conclusions and ideas of the Symposium.