Podgorica, 21st December 2018 – Pursuant to Article 43 of the Law on financing political entities and election campaigns, the State audit institution performs audit of consolidated financial statements of the political entities whose total income exceeds 10,000.00 €.

In line with afore mentioned legal obligation, the State audit institution conducted audit of the annual financial statements of 24 political entities for 2017 as follows: Democratic Socialist Party; Albanian Alternative; Positive of Montenegro; Social Democratic Party of Montenegro; Croatian Civic Initiative; DEMOS; Democratic People's Party; Movement for Changes; Democratic Montenegro; Social democratic Montenegro; Citizens' Movement URA; New Serb Democracy; Bosnian Party; Liberal Party; Socialist People’s Party; Democratic Serb Party; Democratic Party; New Democratic Power (FORCA); Workers' Party; Civic Initiative; Democratic Union of Albanians; Movement for Pljevlja; Democratic League in Montenegro; Montenegrin Democratic Union (Montenegrin).

Pursuant to Article 37 of the Law on financing political entities and election campaigns, a political entity submits the statement of accounts and consolidated financial statement to the administrative body in charge of keeping the single register of taxpayers, to the State audit institution and the Agency not later than by 31 March of the current year for the previous year.

In accordance to this article of the Law on financing political entities and election campaigns, the following public entities did not submit the Annual financial statement for 2017 to the SAI: Party of Serb Radicals Šešelj Vojislav, Democratic unity of Albanians, Party of Democratic Prosperity PDP, Democratic union of Muslims and Bosnians in Montenegro – DZMB, Democratic party of unity, Bosnian democratic party of Montenegro, Green party, Party for Gusinje, Democratic center, Serb People’s Party Serb List, Yugoslav Communist Party of Montenegro, Party of United Pensioners and the Disabled of Montenegro; Albanian Alliance, Serb party – Srpska, Central Albanian party for integration CAPI-POSHI and Alternative Montenegro.