Held Workshop on Information Technology

Tirana, 16th November 2018 – Delegation of the SAI consisting of Mr. Gaga Gegaj, state auditor – head of Sector III, Mrs. Biljana Bulatovic, state auditor – head of Department for development, implementation and audit of IT system and Mrs. Ivana Celebic, state auditor have participated in the Workshop for information technology, held from 14th to 15th November 2018 in Tirana, Albania.

The theme of the workshop has been dedicated to auditing process and auditing software. The participants have discussed about the auditing methodology, CAATs techniques, IT manual, IDEA software, analysis of data and data mining.


The workshop has been organized as one of the activities of the Work plan of the Network of the SAIs of candidate countries and potential candidate countries of EU and European Court of Accounts for period 2018 – 2020.