Participation of delegation of the SAI of Montenegro in XXII INCOSAI Congress

Abu Dhabi, 12th December 2016 – The delegation of the State audit institution of Montenegro, led by a member of Senate, Nikola N. Kovačević, participated in XXII INCOSAI Congress, held from 6th to 11th December in Abu Dhabi.

Apart from a member of Senate, Nikole N. Kovačević, member of Senate, PhD Branislav Radulović, a general secretary of the SAI, Ms. Mihaela Popović and head of international cooperation division, Mrs. Marija Žugić participated in the Congress.

During XXII Congress of the International organization of the supreme audit institutions, the participants discussed about two themes: “How INTOSAI can contribute to the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including good governance and strengthening the fight against corruption?” and “Professionalization: what can promote INTOSAI's credibility to become a more prominent international organization?”

At the Congress, the members of INTOSAI adopted a new Strategic plan, containing four strategic objectives dedicated to development of professional standards, capacity development, exchange of knowledge and maximization of the impact and value of the INTOSAI as international organization. The priorities of INTOSAI Strategic Plan refer to safeguarding independence of the supreme audit institutions, giving contribution to monitoring and reviewing of implementation of the sustainable development goals and implementation of UN Agenda 2030.

Apart from the Strategic plan, the participants of the Congress adopted updated standards for compliance audit and performance audit, as well as standards which refer to the Code of Ethics, auditing of international organizations, IT audit, auditing public debt management information systems, auditing of prevention corruption, collaborative audits. At the Congress, it was discussed about the Framework for measuring performance of the supreme audit institutions (PMF) which will serve to the supreme audit institutions to assess its work.

More than 160 member states of INTOSAI organization, as well as numerous representatives of the international donor and partner organizations, which provide support to the supreme audit institutions participated at the Congress. INCOSAI Congress is held every three years.