Meeting of the Sub-committee on economic and financial affairs and statistics

Brussels, 22nd November 2016 – Member of Senate, PhD Branislav Radulović and Marija Žugić, head of international relation department participated at the regular meeting of the Sub-committee on economic and financial affairs and statistics in Brussels.

On behalf of European Commission, the meeting was chaired by Mr. Uwe Stamm, a head of unit in Directorate-General of EC for economic and financial affairs, and Mr. Thomas Hagleitner, deputy head of unit for Montenegro at the DG Enlargement.

Member of Senate, PhD Branislav Radulović presented the activities of the State audit institution of Montenegro achieved in the period from November 2015 – November 2016, as well as the future plans for further development of external auditing. The area of external auditing was positively assessed by the representatives of European Commission, Directorate General for Budget. The positive trend of development of performance auditing was highlighted, taking into account the fact that the SAI planned and conducted larger number of performance audits in 2016 in relation to the previous period. With regards to the SAI’s priorities for the next period, European Commission welcomes the SAI’s plans related to further development of the Institution and improvement of audit quality.

On behalf of Montenegro, apart from the representatives of the SAI, the representatives of the Ministry of finance, Ministry of labor and social welfare, Central Bank, MONSTAT, Ministry of foreign affairs and European integration and Mission of Montenegro to the EU participated at this meeting.