Annual Contact Committee meeting of the Heads of supreme audit institutions of the European Union

Bratislava, 24th October 2016 – The annual Contact Committee Meeting of the Heads of the Supreme Audit Institutions of the European Union and the European Court of Auditors was organized on 20th and 21st October in Bratislava. The host of the annual meeting was the Supreme Audit Institution of the Republic of Slovakia.

Apart from the heads of the supreme audit institutions of the European Union, the heads of the supreme audit institutions of the candidate countries of the EU participated as observers at the meeting.

Annual meeting was attended by the delegation of Montenegro compromising president of Senate, Milan Dabović, PhD and members of Senate, Branislav Radulović, PhD and Nikola N. Kovačević.

Main topic of the meeting was energy policy and climate changes in the European Union. Issues of energy and climate changes represent key strategic challenges for the European Union and its Member States. Bearing in mind the fact that Member States are obliged to implement energy and climate policy of the European Union, Supreme Audit Institutions may have the key role in the process. Certain number of Supreme Audit Institutions from the EU Member States conducted and achieved results regarding audits on energy efficiency and environmental protection. In that sense, Contact Committee meeting highlighted importance of cooperation between Supreme Audit Institutions and INTOSAI's and EUROSAI's Working Groups for Environmental Auditing.

At the meeting, the participants discussed the activities of the Contact Committee and its professional partners as well as the audits conducted by the supreme audit institutions of EU Member States regarding the most significant matters in the European Union.

The Report on activities of the Network of Supreme Audit Institutions of Acceding, Candidate and Potential Candidate Countries and the European Court of Auditors was presented during the meeting.