Third Workshop on Parallel Performance Audit

Stockholm, 7th October 2016 – Delegation of the State audit institution comprising a member of Senate, PhD Branislav Radulović, a head of department for performance audit, M.Sc. Ivana Jovanović and state auditor, Radenko Davidović participated in the third workshop dedicated to realization of the II Parallel performance audit project which topic was public procurement area.

During the workshop, the activities of the countries involved in the Project were analyzed on developing the Pre-study and detailed audit plan for auditing public procurement and the further activities on finalization thereof was determined with coordination by the experts from the Swedish National Audit Office and European Court of Auditors.

It was agreed to continue with the project in compliance with the determined dynamics, which includes adoption of the Pre-study and detailed audit plan, as well as agreement on further audit procedures to be conducted according to the Performance Audit Methodology.

The parallel performance audit is conducted with the expert support of the Swedish National Audit Office and European Court of Auditors. Apart from the representatives of the SAI of Montenegro, the supreme audit institutions of the region – SAI Albania, SAI Bosnia and Herzegovina (three institutions), SAI Macedonia, SAI Kosovo and SAI Serbia participate in the second parallel performance audit project.