Representatives of the SAI participated at the Seminar “Planning and execution of municipal budget”

Warsaw, 9th October 2015 - Vladan Perović, head of sector V and Dobrila Glomazić, head of division, participated at the international seminar “Planning and execution of municipal budget”, from 6th to 7th October in Warsaw.

The host of this seminar was the Supreme audit institution of Poland in cooperation with the National audit institution of Lithuania. During this event, the representatives of supreme audit institutions from sixteen countries of EU discussed about the process of planning and execution of municipal budget, effectiveness of control measures aimed to ensuring financial sustainability of the municipalities as well as national external audit system of the municipalities.

The first meeting dedicated to auditing of municipalities was held in Slovakia, when the participants exchanged their experiences in area of auditing municipalities, while the other meeting related to auditing municipal debt was organized in Vilnius.

The national audit institution of Lithuania has initiated establishing of the EUROSAI Working group for auditing municipalities, which would give a possibility for the supreme audit institutions to exchange experiences and practices in area of financial management of local self-government units, application of audit methodology, enhancing audit impact as well as effectiveness of implementation of the recommendations given in the audit reports.