Organization/Secretariat for administrative and professional services  

In the Secretariat for administrative and professional services, the tasks are carried out related to: drafting general acts of the Institution; preparation of individual acts on acquiring the rights arising from employment of employees; preparation of documents for payroll calculations, compensations and other benefits; preparation and conclusion of contracts with individuals and legal entities; record keeping of personnel data and other records related to labor; training and human resource development; taking care of coordination of trainings and development programs as well as continuous professional development; activities related to organization of seminars, workshops and preparation of documents for the purpose of achieving the tasks of the Institution in the field of personnel training, scientific and publishing activities; managing the central personnel records; other organizational, legal, financial affairs, and in particular preparation and execution of quotation of funds; drafting financial plan; timely and proper use of funds for the purposes envisaged within the budget and financial plan; preparation of periodical calculations and final budget account; preparation of financial statement and its submission to the State Treasury; cashier operations; book keeping services; verification of the accuracy and validity of state budget payments; public procurement; office and assistant activities; managing archives and other activities in accordance with regulations.