Organization/Sector IV 

Sector IV is comprised of:

  • Department for auditing the state budget users
  • Department for auditing political parties and regulatory agencies
  • Department for legal affairs

Sector IV is in charge of:

  • Auditing the final budget accounts and financial statements of regulatory agencies.
  • Auditing the financial statements of political parties.
  • Auditing the following audited entities: Constitutional Court of Montenegro; Judiciary; Prosecutor's Office; Ministry of justice: Institution for execution of criminal charges, Agency for Prevention of Corruption; Misdemeanor courts; Ministry of foreign affairs and European integration: Diplomatic consular representations, Administration for Diaspora; Ministry for human and minority rights: Fund for protection and realization of minority rights, Center for development and preservation of culture of minorities of Montenegro; Ministry of labor and social welfare: Bureau for Care of Refugees, Social Council, Bureau for social and child protection; Protector of human rights and freedom; Agency for personal data protection and free access to information; Agency for the peaceful settlement for labor disputes; Employment Agency; Red Cross of Montenegro; Center for mediation.
  • Legal affairs, anti-corruption and filing criminal and misdemeanor charges