Organization/Sector III

Sector III is comprised of:

  • Department for auditing the state budget users
  • Department for individual audits
  • Department for development, application and auditing IT system

Sector III is in charge of:

  • Auditing the financial statements of the Fund for Pension and Disability Insurance; Labor Fund, Fund for Health Care Insurance, Compensation Fund.
  • Auditing of the following audited entities: Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications; Ministry of Economy: Bureau of Meteorology, Intellectual Property Office, Directorate for Development of the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Administration for Competition Protection, Inspection Directorate, Accreditation body of Montenegro, Hydrocarbon Administration, Energy Efficiency Fund, Institute for standardization, Sector for mining and geological exploration; Ministry of health: Health System Improvement Project, Agency for medicines and medical devices, Institute for public health, Medical Chamber, Pharmaceutical Chamber; Ministry of agriculture and rural development: Veterinary Administration, Forest Administration, Water Administration, Phytosanitary Administration, Tobacco Agency; Union of the Association of fighters;
  • Development, application and auditing IT systems.