PhD Milan Dabović


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Born on 10th October 1960 in Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He finished primary and secondary school in Podgorica. He graduated from Faculty of Economics in Podgorica and he obtained master degree in subject ‘Programming Development and Business Planning’. He finished his doctoral dissertation on following theme ‘Structural disproportions in Yugoslovenian Economy and Possibility for Its Overcoming’  on 5th April 1997 at  Faculty of Economics.

Ph.D Milan Dabovic finished specialist courses abroad: program of the global financial system-structure, crisis and reforms at the University of Harvard, Public school, John F.Kennedy; Budget Execution- USAID Vilnus; Implementation of reforms for vault at the Centre for Training in Finance in Ljubljana, and he was nominated as a scientific associate at the Institute of Economics in Belgrade.

He worked at many enterprises as Bureau for the Settlement of Payment, he presided over Sector for planning and current state of economics at the Municipal Secretariat for Economics in Podgorica; he also was the chief of sector in Centre for fiscal analysis at Public revenue office; he was involved in planning and executing budget at position of an assistant of Minister of budget in Ministry of Finance of Montenegrin Government and he was elected as the member of State Audit Institution Senate.

During 2003, Ph.D Milan Dabovic was the lecturer and the member of exam commission at specialist course ‘ Budget Procedure and Control of Budget’ at Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. He was chosen as a docent at the University of Mediteran and  he teaches public finance and macroeconomy at the Faculty of Business Studies. He delivered a couple of lectures at the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica on tax system and budget analysis. He also participated as a lecturer at seminars which were organized by Personnel Agency, Institute for Accountats and Auditors of Montenegro, and international organizations,as well as US Vault, USAID and GTZ.

He is a co-author of two books and he published many works regarding budget and tax register, tax system and he directly participated in reforms of public finance, especially in part of planning, applying international standards regarding budget register, reporting and internal audits.