PhD Branislav Radulović

Member of Senate

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Basic Information

Born on 15th November 1968, in Vrbas, Vojvodina

Married, two children.

Basic Studies

University of Montenegro, Faculty of Law

Master Studies

He finished his postgraduate studies on following subject ‘External Audit of Public Sector-institutional aspects’ in ‘Economy of Public Sector’. During his basic and master studies he passed all his subjects with the highest grade.

-1995.-He passed all subjects in the methodological with the highest grade at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade ( law and economics course) and he defended scientific and research work named ‘ Concessions and their Implementation in Montenegro’.

Other advanced training study

-He finished many specialist programs in the area of economic law, electronic trading, business commnunications and budget laws.

-He passed state license exam.

-He acquired a certificate for state auditor.

-He is a member of the expert teams for drafting law on enterprises, insolvency of   companies, concessions and a member of the team for drafting procedural law in the area of constitutional matter.

-He acquired a certificate of European Center for Peace and Development (2000. Year) on following program ‘Electronic commerce in banking and trade’.

-He took professional couses in the USA (2000.year).

-He acquired a certificate of BFPE and Council of Europe, Nansen Dialogue Centre, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, NDI and etc.

-He attended many professional programs and courses in the organization of GTZ and in Federal Court of Auditors in Germany.

-He was a member of 19th INTOSAI Congress ( Congress of International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions), on november 2007. in Mexico.

Scientific Publications

-He is an author of State Auditor Exam Manual for following subject ‘External audit of public sector’; Prof. Dr. Ratomir Jovicevic, reviewer; State Audit Institution, as publisher.

-He is an author of the book ‘ Basis of budget law and budget control in Montenegro’; Prof.Dr.Danilo Aleksic, a reviewer.

Involment in scientific magazines and publications

-1994.- he was appointed as Secretary of magazine redaction in the area of law theory and practice, named ‘ Law Almanac’.

-2000.-he was a founder and member of the magazine redaction ‘Jus Forum’; magazine of the Association for Informatics law in Montenegro.

-2007.- he was a columnist and associate of magazine redaction of ‘ CG Economist’.

-2008.-he was nominated as the chief editor of magazine in the area of law theory and practice named ‘Law Almanac’.

Concerning those mentioned magazines and publications, he published many scientific and professional works and articles in the area of budget, constututional, economic and electoral law etc.

Other social involment

-2003.-he was nominated as General Secretary of the Association of jurists in Montenegro.

-2008.- At assembly of the Association of jurists in Montenegro, he was elected as President of the Association.

Involments in faculties and other professional institutions

-2007.-he delivered many lectures on following theme:

-Parliamentary procedural law

-External audit and forms of controlling public sector

Engaged as an assistant on following subject ‘ Basis of public finance’.

He was a lecturer on programs under competence of Human Resources Management Authority of Montenegro as:

-external audit of public sector

-planning and execution of budget

He is an examiner in subject called ‘ Audit of Public Sector’; the exam program for acquiring a certificate for state auditor.

Professional Career

-1994.-Government of Republic of Montenegro, Ministry of industry, energetics and mining, sector for legal and general tasks.

-1995.-Advocacy and legal representation

-1998.-Republic Secretariat for Development-Leader of Project

-2001.-Agency for development of small and middle-sized enterprises-chief of department for law regulations and legal business.

-2002.-Government of Republic of Montenegro-Advisor to President of Montenergin Government for European integration and investments.

-2003.-Parliament of Republic of Montenegro-Advisor to President of Parliament for legal issues.

-2004.-Chief of the Cabinet of President of Montenegrin Parliament.

-2006.-he was elected as a member of State Auditors Institution Senate, at the second regular session of Parliament of Republic of Montenegro.