Organization/Internal audit unit

Internal Audit Unit performs activities related to: planning, organizing and execution of tasks related to internal auditing, making analysis and assessment of all business functions under supremacies of the Institutions, in accordance with the best professional practice and internal audit standards, complying with international standards of professional internal auditing practice and Code of Ethics of internal auditors; evaluation of the system, process and internal control systems on the basis of risk management; drafting report on internal auditing with findings and appropriate opinion which are submitted to the Senate of SAI and to a responsible individual from organizational unit where auditing is performed; performing a specific audit on request of the Senate; performing audits on usage of EU funds by the SAI; following up recommendations given in the audit reports; giving advice and professional opinion when a new system or procedures are introduced; drafting strategic and operative plans and work programs which represent a basis for implementation of internal audit function as well as monitoring its implementation; preparation and development of annul reports of internal audit; cooperation with Central Harmonization Unit for financial management and control and internal auditing within public sector as well with other state bodies, international and national experts and associations; monitoring and proposing education for internal auditors in accordance with international internal auditing standards; performing other tasks and activities under supremacies of this Unit.