Nikola N. Kovačević

Member of Senate

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He was born 28 March in 1958. in Bijelo Polje, Montenegro.

Primary and secondary school in Bijelo Polje. University of Montenegro graduated from the Law Faculty in Podgorica.

Work experience began working on commercial jobs in the economy - RO "Gornji Ibar" Roţaje PC Bar and a chief trade representative RO "Stočar" in Zagreb Bar.

Charge as the Director of the Centre for Social Work in the municipalities of Bar and Ulcinj. Was appointed by the Assembly of Bar Commission President for the reception and accommodation of refugees. He was elected a member of Parliament and of the Presidency of the Red Cross of Yugoslavia, in which position he was through 2002. year. The mandate was a member of the body and the bodies of the Red Cross of Montenegro, as well as a member of the presidency of the local Red Cross branch.

His professional career continued as the Assistant Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Division for Social and Child Care. During his engagement at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs participated in the implementation of a number of important technical studies and research.

He served as president of the Board of Directors of several companies.

He was a member of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro.

A member of the Senate of the State Audit Institution, was elected by the Parliament of Montenegro, July 2013.

Co-author of the document entitled "Assessment of the vulnerability of the local population, refugees and displaced persons in Montenegro" - Red Cross of Montenegro, June 2000.

He has participated in many regional and international professional meetings, seminars and workshops in the field of social welfare.

He is married with three children.