Tirana, 23rd June 2016 – President of Senate, PhD Milan Dabović participated at IV Scientific Conference of the Supreme State Audit Office of the Republic of Albania with the main topic "Risk Analysis", which was held in Tirana, from 20th to 22nd June 2016.

Podgorica, 17th June 2016 – The State audit institution has performed audit of the Financial statement the Public Procurement Administration for 2015.

Chisinau, 17th June 2016 – At the invitation of President of the Association of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Moldova, Dr. Viorel Dandara, members of the Senate of the State audit institution, PhD Branislav Radulović and Nikola N. Kovačevič participated at the conference on the 20th anniversary of this Association.

Podgorica, 3rd June 2016 – Under the request of the State Audit Institution of Montenegro, the State Audit Office of Republic of Croatia has performed the financial audit on Annual Financial Statement of the State Audit Institution of Montenegro for 2015.

Podgorica, 2nd June 2016 – The State audit institution has performed a financial audit of Annual financial statement for 2015 and regularity audit of the Agency for national security.

Podgorica, 16th May 2016 – According to Annual audit plan, the State audit institution has performed the follow up Audit Report on Register on Concession Contracts and Revenues of the Budget of Montenegro from Concluded Concession Contracts for the Usage of Natural Wealth.

Podgorica, 28th April 2016 – The State audit institution was a host of the first workshop on parallel performance audit from 25-27th April 2016 in Podgorica. The parallel performance audit will be conducted within seven countries of the region on the theme in public procurement area.

Podgorica, 26th April 2016 – The State audit institution has performed a financial audit of the Annual financial statement and a regularity audit of the Ministry of foreign affairs and European integration for 2014, which implies control of compliance of the audited entity's operations with the legal and other relevant regulations.

Podgorica, 21st April 2016 – Member of Senate, PhD Branislav Radulović and Mr. Blažo Savković, head of sector II have participated at the session of the Parliamentary Committee on health, labour and social welfare dedicated to the control hearing with regard to Performance audit report „Budget Expenditures for Judicial Disputes Arising from Labour Relations“.

Belgrade, 13th April 2016 – Within the framework of the Network of the SAIs of Candidate Countries and Potential Candidate Countries of EU and with a significant support of the Swedish National Audit Office (SNAO), SIGMA and Joint Working group on audit activities (JWGAA), the workshop on audit opinions has been held from 12-13th April in Belgrade.

Podgorica, 7th April 2016 – The State audit institution conducted a performance audit on „Budget Expenditures of Montenegro arising from labour disputes“.

Podgorica, 1st April 2016 – The State audit institution of Montenegro has developed and adopted the Integrity plan according to the legal obligations prescribed in the Law on anti-corruption.

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